What is Threading?

Threading is a unique and innovative method of hair removal.


Using only a cotton thread, brow technicians twist the thread to create a trap and then skillfully manipulate the thread to remove excess hair by lifting it from the root.

The twist in the thread creates a trap that holds the hair tightly enough that the thread lifts the hair from the follicle.

Many have asked about the process, confused about the fact that one end of the thread is held in the specialist's mouth. Yes, we use our teeth to hold the thread tight, but this part of the thread NEVER touches the client. The knot we create with our hands is the thread that removes the hair. (See above video). Threading is more sanitary than wax. Since one piece of thread is used only once and discarded after each client there is no chance of cross-contamination between clients.

Threading is more precise than waxing and allows the brow technician full control over each and every hair that is pulled. 

Unlike waxing, threading is done with only a cotton thread. There is no heat and no chemicals. Waxing also exfoliates the skin, removing the top layer of skin cells along with the hair and is not safe for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin or taking certain medications.

Threading is safe for those with sensitive skin, including those using Retinols, Accutane, Acne medication, and those with rosacea because unlike wax, threading does not remove skin cells.

Breakouts are not common with threading because there are no chemicals used on the skin that may clog pores.

Only Aloe Vera is used following the service to calm and soothe the skin. 

Results typically last two to three weeks, but results do vary based on individual hair growth cycles. With regular threading every two to three weeks, most of the hair is then on the same stage of growth and results last longer.

Does it hurt? Most describe the sensation as uncomfortable rather than painful. Everyone experiences a different level of pain tolerance, but we can tell you the results are worth it!

No appointments are necessary for threading services. We accept walk-ins only during normal business hours. 


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