Eyelash Extensions

  Classic Lashes

1:1 Application: One individual extension is attached to one natural lash. The length, thickness, and curl of the extensions are customized for each client.

Application Time: 2 Hours +

Love this dramatic curl 🖤_🦋D curl 🦋 7

Hybrid Lashes

Blended Classic & Volume technique to create a fuller look than classic, but not as dense as volume. The length, thickness, and curl of the extensions are customized for each client.

Application Time: 3 Hours +

Classic vs. Volume 

Volume Lashes 

Handmade Volume Fans are applied to individually isolated natural lashes to create dense, thick lash extensions. To make volume fans, the lash artist fans out 3-8 tiny diameter extensions from .07mm to as small as .03mm, secures the fan with a tiny dot of adhesive, isolates the natural lash, and applies the fan to the natural lash.


Lashing truly is an art that our lash artists take seriously. They have undergone intensive training to learn both the techniques and safety procedures necessary to master their craft and ensure the safety of our clients. Eyelash extensions should feel weightless, be non-irritating, damage-free, and customized for each client.

Our Lash Artists are licensed estheticians or cosmetologists and are certified in lash extensions from Borboleta Beauty, a professional lash training and supply company.

We use the highest quality, professional products available only to licensed professionals.

Upon arrival, your lash artists will walk you thru a consultation to decide which combination of lengths, curls, and thickness are appropriate to achieve the style you are looking for while taking into consideration the health of your natural lashes and your future lash health. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your first appointment for consultation and prep.

The lash application process takes time to ensure we are doing our best work and achieving maximum coverage. Please make sure that you take into consideration the application times listed before making an appointment.

Classic Lashes Minimum: 2+ hours

Hybrid Lashes Minimum: 2.5+ hours

Volume Lashes: 3.5+ hours

Lash Extension retention is different for everyone and depends on many factors such as indoor humidity levels, sleeping styles, individual oil production, allergies, sensitivity, medical conditions, lash health, and aftercare. 1-3 lashes are naturally shed daily depending on where each lash is in its growth cycle. 


As a result of natural lash shedding, regular fills (approximately 2 weeks apart) are necessary to maintain the fullness of the lashes. 

To be eligible for a fill appointment, clients must have at least 40% of their full set remaining. 

Lash Fills are scheduled as follows:

Classic Fills 1 hour 

Hybrid Fills 1.5 Hours

Volume Fills 1.5-2 Hours

If You Require more time due to extra lash loss, an extended fill will be required at an additional charge.


Our Pre-Appointment Checklist, Booking Policies, and After-Care Instructions are Available Below.

Before Your Appointment


1. Do not tint or perm your lashes.

2. Contact lenses must be removed for the application - please bring your case or wear glasses.

3. Avoid caffeine so that you can be calm and relaxed for your appointment.

4. Deep clean your lashes and eyelids before your appointment. Mascara, eyeliner, and lash strip adhesive all leave residues on the lashes that will cause your lash extensions to prematurely shed. We recommend avoiding mascara for 24 hours before your appointment for best results.

5. Wear minimal makeup - no makeup is best.

5. Dress for comfort and relaxation.

6. Silence your phone, bring headphones and your favorite podcast if you'd like, but remember that your eyes will need to be closed for the entire application process.

7. Please arrive 10 minutes before your first scheduled appointment for your consultation.





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